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Partnering with the expert team at Advance Concussion Clinic means coaches can rely on informed clearance toward successful Returns, minimizing risk, and optimizing success and safety for not only individual athletes but also their entire teams.

Concussions are complex injuries

It can be challenging to recognize when a concussion occurs and there is real danger in an athlete sustaining a second injury before recovery is complete. Early management is needed if symptoms don’t resolve as expected. For those suffering prolonged symptoms, the impact on their athletic goals, sport participation, and their team position can be profoundly and negatively affected.

This in turn can detrimentally alter a season or even entire futures - for the individual athlete and their team. Prevention, accurate and informed diagnoses, evidence-informed Returns to Play, and recovery or rehabilitation support when needed, are crucial tools for any coach dedicated to protecting their athletes and their futures.

  • Baseline Testing
  • Baseline Testing
  • Baseline Testing

Baseline Testing

The value of baseline testing lies in its post-injury use. Symptoms can appear to be resolved before a concussion had completely healed, increasing the risk for recurrent and more complicated injuries. When a concussion is either suspected or diagnosed, pre- and post-injury scores can be compared, supporting diagnoses, informing recovery, and supporting safe and timely Returns to school and sport.

Baseline testing provides a view of the most commonly affected thinking systems when they are healthy, working normally, supporting your child’s normal athletic and academic performance. ACC’s evidence-informed approach supports both clarity and confidence in clearing students and athletes for the safest and most expedient Returns to their sports, classroom, and their lives.

  • Dr. Cirelle Rosenblatt
  • Dr. Cirelle Rosenblatt
  • Dr. Cirelle Rosenblatt

Return To Play (RTP)

RTP and activity is everyone’s goal after concussion. But returning too soon puts an individual or athlete at the greatest risk of re-injury or prolonged recovery. Guidance is needed for individuals of any age who suffer concussions to Return them to competitive or recreational sports and activities. For some, this process may take only days and recovery can be achieved fairly quickly and uneventfully.

Many individuals suffer symptoms for weeks or longer, and in these instances, expert guidance and assistance is vital. Athletes who play competitive and collision sports require special management and evaluation to ensure a full recovery. We have supported athletes from Pee Wee to professional, Junior B to Olympic-level, high school and beer league members, as well as a full spectrum of recreational athletes in achieving successful RTP.

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