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Concussion care requires specific expertise.

Concussion recovery requires the partnership of healthcare professionals with expertise in concussion to offer diagnostic support, to ensure reasonable certainty that resolution has taken place, and to offer timely and appropriate intervention for those who are slow-to-recover, or for more complicated or chronic conditions.

Our Best Practice Approach to Care

Current standard concussion evaluation relies upon symptom reports, and may also include neurocognitive screening or balance testing. In addition to the above, ACC utilizes evidence-based advances in concussion evaluation and rehabilitation by also assessing vision, exertion tolerance, and cervical spine function to identify root causes of reported symptoms and inform Returns and treatment planning, when needed.

From baseline testing to assessment to Return-to-Play, we evaluate and treat patients on an individual basis. The clinical, sporting, and research communities agree—no student or youth-athlete should return to play until cleared by a health care professional with expertise in concussion. We support our athletes and patients from injury to recovery with evidence-based and best-practice standards.

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ImPACT accredited

ACC is an ImPACT provider. The ImPACT Test is supported by more than 250 peer-reviewed clinical research studies. It is the only FDA approved concussion evaluation instrument and a fundamental element of ACC’s overall approach to concussion management. Learn more about ImPACT and the importance of using a Credentialed ImPACT Consultant in our technology overview.

imPACT Accredited
  • B.C Alpine
  • Kamloops Broncos

Valued partnerships

ACC is proud to be the official concussion provider to the BC Alpine BC Ski Team, and the Kamloops Broncos, and to support schools, sports academies, physicians, and others throughout BC and the lower Mainland in meeting best-practice standards in concussion management. The aim of these partnerships is to ensure prevention and safety in Return-to-Play, and to support healthy engagement and continuation of participation in safe play.

ACC Partnerships


ACC’s best-practice standards and dedicated concussion service have made it a valuable clinical and data resource for universities, industries, professional groups, researchers, and clinical training and placement programs in the BC area, lower mainland, and on an international level.

With over 1000 patients assessed and treated since the inception of the clinic, and accompanying novel, high caliber, and evidence-informed outcome measures completed for each patient, ACC is sought out by leading concussion research groups as a collaborator, and contributor to novel research, in addition to novel research generated and promoted by its own clinical research team.

ACC is proud to support the advancement of research, training & knowledge to the assessment & treatment of concussion.

Our collaborations:
  • Simon Fraser University

  • Department of Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology
  • Aerospace Physiology Laboratory
  • University of British Columbia

  • School of Kinesiology
  • Department of Psychiatry
  • Charles Sturt University

  • Faculty of Psychology
  • Maastricht

  • Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Eeglewave

  • Neuroscience and AI

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